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About us

The story behind J. Landress Brass:

Josh Landress is no newcomer to the instrument repair community – in fact, he made his first foray into the world of brass repair at the ripe age of 13 as a repair apprentice. Josh continued repairing throughout his High School days and would later go on to repair during his time in the United States Marine Corps, where he also served as a French Horn player.  

With his service in the USMC completed, a young and determined Josh would make the move to New York City in 2002 to work as an instrument repairman at the famed Sam Ash Music’s 48th St. “Music Row” location, eventually leading their repair department. While at Sam Ash Josh would split his time repairing, consulting with companies in China, France, Taiwan, and the United States, and   training multiple apprentices — many of whom would later go on to establish their own renowned repair shops. With his 10 year tenure at Sam Ash coming to a close, Josh realized that the brass scene was in great need of a place that provided expert brass repair and retail. Armed with this knowledge and a small workshop on 36th Street. Josh would go on to found J. Landress Brass in 2012 with the goal of making his new shop “a home for all brass players’ needs.”

Today J. Landress Brass has become a staple in the NYC brass community and is known around the world for their quality repairs and restorations, their brass instrument designs with major manufactures, and their honest, highly curated retail environment. J. Landress Brass now serves as the last and only dedicated brass instrument store in NYC. 


Josh Landress’ love of music:


Josh’s love for music started at the young age of 6 with guitar.  He was quite the talented guitar player and was often seen as a pre-teen playing blues guitar in many bars throughout St. Petersburg Florida, as well as with his band The Anklebitters. Josh would go on to pick up French Horn age 11 and record his first album at age 12.

Upon learning that his grandfather was a horn player in the Russian Army during the last Tsar's reign, Josh took horn playing much more seriously. By the age of 13 he was admitted to the prestigious Summer program at the Kinhaven Music School in Vermont, where he would spend the following 4 summers studying with many of the top performers in the country. Josh would continue his passion for music in the United State Marine Corps as a French Horn player. 


  • Jesus Viramontes, Shop Manager
  • Matt Gasiorowski, Restoration Specialist
  • Atse Theodros, Repair & Detailing Specialist 
  • Garrett Faccone, Sales Manager
  • Andrew Dik, Shipping & Receiving 
  • JT Donathan, Media & Brand Management