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We purchase new and used instruments and accessories. If you wish to sell us an instrument you can either bring it or ship it to the shop to be assessed for value. If you are shipping us an item please notify us when the item ships with a tracking number and contact information. If an agreement cannot be made for the purchase of an item, J. Landress Brass, LLC. will ship the item back at our expense.


We gladly take instruments on consignment for sale. As of January 1, 2022 all items on consignment will be subject to a 25% sellers commission . Payments are made within 7 business days after the item has sold and payments will be made by check or paypal. All instruments brought in on consignment must be in good working order and if needed arrangements can me made to service the instrument prior to sale. If this is the case, the charge of repairs will be deducted from the sale price once the instrument is sold, or will be paid if the instrument is picked up and not sold through J. Landress Brass, LLC.