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Blue Juice Valve Oil

Specially formulated lubricant for brass instrument valves.

Blue Juice valve oil is a high-quality lubricant specially formulated for brass instrument valves. Made from a special blend of petroleum distillates, this oil offers excellent lubrication especially on close-tolerance brass instrument valves. Blue Juice not only provides quick smooth action, but this valve oil also helps keep your instrument valves clean and prevents corrosion, dirt, and residue from interfering with your playing.

Distinguished by its distinctive blue coloring, Blue Juice is available in a convenient 2-ounce bottle with a convenient controlled dropper tip for precise application and minimal waste. Simply apply a few drops to the valve surface to achieve optimal results.

Designed for use with any valve material including Monel, stainless steel and plated valves, Blue Juice is a preferred choice of students, professionals and educators.