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Chop Saver Gold w/ SPF 15

Use this lip balm to soothe tired chops! The Gold version has SPF 15 for sun protection.


ChopSaver SPF 15

  • Similar to 100% Natural with SPF 15 added
  • Light, fresh citrus fragrance
  • Broad Spectrum protection

ChopSaver is more than just a lip balm, it’s a lip treatment. ChopSaver is an all-natural, herbal lip care product created by Dan Gosling, a professional trumpet player. If you suffer from dry, chapped lips and you’re still looking for relief, you’ve come to the right place, musician or not!

ChopSaver was originally invented to help the lips (“chops”) of brass and woodwind musicians and the problems that can occur from long practice sessions and performances. These can be everything from normal dryness and fatigue to chapping, bruising, soreness, and in extreme cases, cuts and splitting. If it’s effective enough for people like that, you know it can handle any lip problem, regardless of the cause. In fact, dermatologists have been recommending the product for many years for their patients with chronic lip dryness, including the drying side effects of chemotherapy and other medical treatments.