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Bryan Davis - Twisted Technical Studies: Odd-Meter Variations on Herbert L. Clarke's 2nd Technical Study - For Trombone

These Twisted Technical Studies for trombone are a series of odd-meter variations on Herbert L. Clarke’s 2nd Technical Study. They are formulated to promote mindful practice for those brass musicians who have become intimately familiar with the Clarke Technical Studies over many years, while providing an accessible introduction to this type of technical practice for less experienced players. There are 8 variations, all fully notated with Major, Harmonic Minor, Wholetone and Diminished Scale versions, in all 12 keys. These exercises have been developed by Bryan Davis, a world-renowned Lead Trumpeter originally from the UK, who now lives and works in New York City. In addition to his busy playing schedule, Mr Davis has become one of the most sought after trumpet teachers working today; regularly consulting with players from all over the world. He is also increasingly well known for his instructional video series on YouTube, featuring his common sense approach to efficient brass playing and his mantra; “Go Practice!”.