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Exercise of the Week Volume 1: Exercises 1-30 by Bryan Davis

Since mid-2018, Bryan Davis and Airflow Music have produced the popular YouTube series “Exercise of the Week”. This collection contains the first 30 exercises from this series. Included are Technical Studies, Scale Studies, Coordination and Stability Drills, as well as Jazz Solo Transcriptions and more. While originally targeted at Trumpet players and other Brass musicians, there are exercises here which can be of benefit to players of any instrument. For each exercise, there are a few instructions as well as a link to the original YouTube video with further instructions and a demonstration. These “Exercises of the Week” have been, and continue to be, distributed as downloadable PDF files, on a “Name Your Price” basis. By popular demand, we are producing this collection for those who prefer a printed book and wish to contribute to the work that goes into making the video series.