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Response by Andy Kozar

On September 1, 2022, I will be releasing Response: A Guide To An Easier Way of Trumpet Playing, which is separated into three main sections, A Warm-Up and Fundamentals Routine, An Appendix of Exercises, and End of Day. The first is exactly as the title states, and this warm-up/fundamentals routine is the one I personally have found works the best for me. It is also an approximation of the routine I work through with my studio in our weekly group sessions. An Appendix of Exercises is a collection of exercises I’ve written or adapted over the past 10+ years. Not necessarily for everyday use, these exercises either address specific concerns on the instrument, are meant to compliment those found in the opening section, or are variations on the exercises found in the first section, a way to keep it fresh. You can think of these (and maybe everything in here) as tools in a tool box. You wouldn't use a hammer for everything, but there are a bunch of uses for one, and it sure is great to have one when you need it! End of Day is a few exercises I do towards the end of my day of playing, including long tones and some very soft playing. This book is meant to lead players, young and old, to an easier and more healthy approach to trumpet playing.  

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