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1892 Conn Wonder (Worcester, Mass.) Eb Cornet


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Brand: Conn

Model: Wonder (Worcester, Mass.) Eb Cornet

Condition: Used, Excellent

Year: 1892 

Key: Eb

Bore: .436"

Bell Size/Material: 4 3/4" Yellow brass

Finish: Silver

Case: Yes, original case

Oil: Berp 3

Used 1892 Conn Wonder (Worcester, Mass.) Eb Cornet in silver, excellent condition. This amazingly preserved piece of history came through our repair shop for a cleaning and valve alignment, as well as some very minor dent work. There's no red rot, and despite the valve compression being on the low side, the horn plays very well, with a warm but brilliant sound and efficient blow. This cornet is low-pitch (with the tunable leadpipe all the way in, A is at 440, but lower any further out). Comes with original case and Conn Levy mouthpiece.