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1920 York Perfec-Tone Cornet


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Brand: York 

Model: Perfec-Tone

Condition: Used, Very good

Year: 1920

Key: Bb / A

Bore: .464"

Bell Size/Material: 4 3/4" Yellow brass

Finish: Silver with Gold wash and flare

Case: Yes, original case

Oil: Berp 3

Used 1920 York Perfec-Tone Cornet in silver, very good condition. This vintage cornet came through our repair shop for a cleaning and valve alignment, as well as some minor dent repair. It's in amazing shape given that it's over a century old! The bell engraving, flare and wash are finished in gold plate. The horn plays very well, with wonderful valve action (using some Berp 3 oil) and a warm yet vibrant sound. The main tuning slide lets you make a quick change from Bb to A easily. Comes with original case.