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1978 Triebert Moderne (Couesnon) Flugelhorn


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Brand: Triebert Moderne (Couesnon)

Model: Flugelhorn

Year: 1978

Key: Bb

Bore: M .413"

Finish: Silver

Case: Yes (and a vintage Giardinelli New York - 6FL mouthpiece)

Oil: Yamaha Vintage

A beautiful 1978 vintage Triebert Moderne (Couesnon made) Bb Flugelhorn. This is a wonderful playing flugelhorn for anyone looking for the vintage Couesnon sound without the need to invest thousands of dollars in a restoration project. Factory installed 3rd Trigger, original silver plate, and a "N" stamped on valve block. Work best with a French taper mouthpiece only. Used, with case, being sold on consignment.