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2015 Van Laar B3 Flugelhorn


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Brand: Van Laar

Model: B3

Condition: Used, Excellent 

Year: 2015

Key: Bb

Bore: .413"

Finish: Raw Brass

Case: No

Oil: La Tromba T2

This B3 flugel in raw brass is in excellent condition with just a few minor scratches here and there. Its small (.413") bore and large 6.3" gold brass bell make it a very easy-playing flugel but with a broader sound than the B2. This flugel is a fantastic player with excellent intonation and a very even warm sound in all registers. No case.


A warm, cloudy sound is characteristic for the B3 flugelhorn. Because of its large bell (160 mm), the tone is full, round and expansive.
In the low and middle register (the latter is particularly important for a flugelhorn) it is distinguished by a wealth of overtones and colourful sound spectrum. The notes engage well, and are quick and easy to find.

  • Bore: 10.5 mm (0,413″)
  • Lightweight valve casing
  • One-piece hand-hammered bell
  • Bell material: gold brass
  • Bell diameter: 160 mm (6,299″)