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Van Laar - B2 Flugelhorn - Brushed Raw Brass


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The B2 is similar to the B1 but has a different conical taper and a bell made of gold brass.
The result is a somewhat warmer sound, which is lean and transparent in all registers.

  • Bore: 10.5 mm (0,413″)
  • Lightweight valve casing
  • One-piece hand-hammered bell
  • Bell material: gold brass
  • Bell diameter: 152 mm (5,984″)
  • Brushed, raw brass finish

Prefered flugelhorn of Mike Kobrin, Trumpet Player and Arranger from New Orleans

"Van Laar brass instruments are simply the finest I have played. The craftsmanship is excellent, the sound has vibrancy and fullness, and the intonation is better than anything else on the market. These horns are not built with specs in mind but with SOUND and FEEL at the forefront; the components combine to create instruments that seem to meld easily with the imagination when you play them."

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