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Miraphone E CC 1291 5 Valve Tuba


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The Miraphone 1291-5VC Series 5-Valve CC Tuba is a horn that does it all with a great sound and a great feel. The 1291-5VC features a .772-.835-inch conical bore and nickel silver leadpipe that has a marvelous response through the entire range of the tuba. The low register on this CC Miraphone tuba is equal to playing the mid register on any other. This 5/4 tuba plays like a 6/4. The Miraphone 1291-5VC Series 5-Valve CC Tuba includes a mouthpiece and is available in lacquer (1291-5VC) or silver (1291-5VCS) finish. Case NOT included. The low register is so focused and easy to play in - you will not believe it.5/4 Size Large voice with a very nice sound.Great High Register Both the low and high registers are smooth and there is an evenness of tone throughout the entire range of the instrument.Great Intonation The Miraphone 1291 has been tested by many top players during the development stages and with their help the Miraphone engineers have perfected the intonation. This tuba is in overall great conditions. It has a 1292 ledpipe on it and would be ideal in large orchestral settings. We have done a precision valve alignment, and have done a full service on it. It comes with a highly decorated, and protective Wiseman case with wheels. Serial no. 9027703