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Giddings Mouthpieces - Euros (Small Bore)

Giddings Euros Trombone Mouthpiece

Orchestral tenor trombone mouthpiece similar to Bach 5G rim diameter. The Euros has a focused sound, clean articulations, blends well and can cut when needed. With a slightly larger throat than a traditional Bach 5G, and the Euros has more room for dynamic contrast while retaining the beautiful upper overtones of the tenor trombone voice. Semi flat rim contour is great for endurance, and articulation.


Giddings mouthpieces offers the largest stainless steel mouthpiece selection available today.  Our mouthpieces are made with harder materials than others, and will last a life time.  All of our mouthpieces are hypoallergenic, fun to play, with designs that help you achieve your musical goals with ease.