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Calicchio S-66 Symphonic Trumpet Mouthpiece

Brand new Calicchio S-66 symphonic trumpet mouthpiece. This is Calicchio's take on a vintage Bach 3C. It has a #26 throat, a .660 inner rim diameter, #2 Calicchio backbore, and the classic Calicchio flat rim for extra comfort.


The ideas and concepts were to bring designs and ideas of original Calicchio mouthpieces and furthermore his grandson Chris that have never come to market in a standardized Calicchio mouthpiece…Calicchio mouthpieces are hard to come by and even harder to standardize. Luckily, Domenick and later Chris were good at documenting measurements and keeping the original tooling with the company as it traveled all over the country.

Even though not all of the mouthpiece tooling is usable. It can be used to recreate the mouthpieces made with these tools so many years ago.