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Pickett Artist Model Ingram Lead Trumpet Mouthpiece


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Mouthpiece models designed in collaboration with Roger Ingram

The Ingram Lead Mouthpiece is ideal when performing a demanding 1st trumpet book in a modern day jazz ensemble. This mouthpiece projects extremely well and yields a bright sound. Access to the upper and extreme upper registers can be easily accomplished with this mouthpiece, when approached properly. This mouthpiece is an improved version of the mouthpiece Mr Ingram used on every big band he has performed and recorded on since his days with the Woody Herman Orchestra in the 1980s. This mouthpiece has been improved by optimizing the cylindrical section of the backbore yielding significantly better slotting in all registers. 

The inner rim diameter is 0.619. The outer rim diameter is 1.057. This mouthpiece comes stock with a #30 drill. 

The Ingram Lead mouthpiece and the Ingram V-Cup can be used in conjunction with each other in many playing situations. Mr Ingram Ingram finds it extremely easy to switch back and forth between these two mouthpieces when needed.