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J. Landress Custom Trombone - KG1


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Brand: J. Landress Brass

Model: Custom - KG1

Year: 2020

Key: Bb

Bore: .500"

Finish: Brushed Raw Brass

Case: No

Taking full advantage of our beautiful new shop on 32nd street in NYC, we finally have the time to expand our line of custom brass instruments for our customers! Our very own trombone wizard, Kevin Gillins, assembled this excellent trombone for everyone that loves the sound and feel of the classic King 2B but wanted more depth and core to the sound. We took a Marcinkiewicz 500 Bell, King 2B main tuning slide assembly, paired it on a Edwards T302-IN slide, and topped it off with some Kevin Gillins magic! This is truly a great playing trombone that will work well in any setting! 


Marcinkiewicz 7.25" Custom  500 Bell - (Gold Brass) - The Model 500 trombone was inspired by the great tenor horns of the 50s and 60s. Unique and distinctive in sound these small bore tenors will blow you away. Crafted with one piece hand hammered bells. Crafted in .500" bore these horn can actually keep up and compete with far larger horns. From screaming lead to classic jazz solos, the Model 500 does it all. (Inspired by the King 2B)

Edwards .500"  T302-IN Slide - The T-302-1N is a .500" single bore slide with dual radius end crook and nickel outer tubes with removeable leadpipe.

Getzen Yellow Brass gooseneck

King 2B Main Tuning Slide and Assembly 

Custom Bracing fabricated by our very own Kevin Gillins!

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