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Conn / Osmun 88H Tenor Trombone - Used


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Brand: Conn / Osmun

Model: Osmun 88H Style Bell - Conn 71H Slide

Year: 1980

Key: Bb/ F

Bore: .562" (Bass Slide)

Finish: Raw Brass

Case: Yes

A fun and easy playing Conn / Osmun FrankenHorn. Perfect for the Tuba/ Low Brass doubler looking for a free blowing tenor trombone. A Steve Shires era Osmun stamped (Keefer made) Conn 88H style 8.5" gold brass bell, Blessing 88H style closed wrap F attachment, and 1980's vintage Conn 71H .562" bass trombone slide. This trombone has great BONES, pun intended! Used, with case.

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