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J. Landress Custom Tenor Trombone KG4 - HDKC All Nickel Everything


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J. Landress Custom Tenor Trombone KG4 - HDKC All Nickel Everything

Brand: J. Landress Brass

Model: J. Landress Custom Tenor Trombone KG4 - HDKC All Nickel Everything

Year: 2020

Key: Bb

Bore: .547"

Finish: Scratch Brushed Raw Brass

Case: No

Taking full advantage of our beautiful new shop on 32nd street in NYC, we finally have the time to expand our line of custom brass instruments for our customers! Our very own trombone wizard, Kevin Gillins, assembled this excellent trombone for everyone that loves the sound and feel of the classic Bach 42B but wanted more brilliance and focus to the sound. We took an custom 8.5" (All Nickel Everything) Josh Landress hand spun bell, Bach 42B main tuning slide and gooseneck assembly, King duo-gravis style F attachment, paired it on an all nickel .547" Bach 42 slide with a more narrow Conn 88H nickel crook, and topped it off with some High Density Kevin Gillins Charged magic! This is truly a great playing tenor trombone that will work well in any setting!

This JLB classic trombone gets the High Density Kev Charge treatment. Nickel and Cryo Nickel. More nickel than you can handle, because when you have all nickel all the time, you have happy fun times (p.s. we did add just a touch of yellow brass to round everything out, you heathens).


Josh Landress 8.5" custom all nickel bell - Inspired by the classic Bach 42B that has defined the tenor trombone sound of NYC and the American brass palate. 

Bach 42B Slide - .547" bore w/ all nickel outer slide and nickel accents.

Conn 88H nickel crook - slightly more narrow handslide provides a more ergonomic feel and improved response.

Modular/ Pressure fit removable leadpipe (original Bach 42 style leadpipe)

Bach 42B Main Tuning Slide assembly and gooseneck 

Marcinkiewicz .562" Yellow Brass Rotor with mini ball linkage 

King Duo-Gravis inspired F Attachment with just enough yellow brass to round everything out

Custom Bracing, Cryo Nickel, High Density Kev Charged.

Just enough yellow brass to round out the palate, because you can never have too much of a good thing.