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Martin Bohme - Klangwerkstatt - Tumultus Trumpet - Copper Bell


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Martin Boehme - Klangwerkstatt - Tumultus Trumpet

Tumultus is the heaviest Böhme trumpet. With this specially designed reversed lead pipe, you have an extra free-flow effect and instant feedback while playing. The instrument’s M bell produces a dark and strong sound on your trumpet without failing in the center of its range at higher dynamic levels. It is a great model for jazz music and an soloists. For musicians who want to play in the high registers, there is another bell, the M bell. Your sound will be brighter, crunchier and more centered. A trumpet for big bands and brass bands.

Technial details

  • heavy weight reversed lead pipe with a heavyweight receiver
  • solid nickel silver rings
  • bell diameter: 125mm o
  • MAW valves, bore 11,7mm
  • weight: circa 1150g
  • M Copper bell 
  • Clear and Matte lacquer

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