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1964 RMC Martin Indiana - Large Bore


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Brand: Martin

Model: Indiana (RMC era)

Year: 1964

Key: Bb

Bore: L .468"

Finish: Lacquer

Case: No

A 1964 RMC Martin Indiana with a .468" large bore! Yes, you have just read that correctly. A Martin Indiana, originally conceived as a student instrument, on the famous #3 large bore Martin valve block. During the RMC Martin years, before the sell out to Wurlitzer, Martin production was outsourced to the Blessing factory. This is a very free blowing trumpet that has a wonderful vintage sound. With a shallow mouthpiece, the horn is bright and lively, with a deeper flugel style cup you have instant Chet Baker! Just out of the repair shop with a professional cleaning and precision valve alignment.  Evidence of a prior relacquer, done very well! Used, no case.

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