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AR Resonance - Romantica Trumpet - DEMO


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Brand: AR Resonance

Model: Romantica (w/ #4 Modular Mouthpiece Receiver)

Year: 2020

Key: Bb

Bore: ML .460" (with MAW Valves)

Finish: Phosphor Bronza and Nickel Silver

Case: No

Custom made for one of the worlds greatest trumpet players, this is a beautiful cone-of-a-kind trumpet from our good friend Antonio Rapacciuolo at AR Resonance. Beautiful Phosphor Bronze Bell, Nickle Silver accents, MAW Valves, #4 Threaded Mouthpiece receiver, and mid weight phosphor bronze valve caps. From intimate club dates to stadium tours, this trumpet can do it all! Just out of the repair shop with a professional cleaning and precision valve alignment. This trumpet is in like-new condition and is ready to play! Being sold on consignment, no case.

From AR Resonance:

Smooth as silk with a vintage sound

You like the sound vintage horns but you don't want to deal with the inconsistencies in intonation, compression issues and you want to use modern mouthpieces that can fix the gap problem once and for all?

Romantica is a light horn based on a bronze bell shaped like the Olds from the past.

The feel is tighter than on our other trumpets, more focused than Suprema and Estrema, with a quick response and a dark and smokey sound.

The leadpipe is lighter than usual and the bell stem has an additional gap that helps with the feel of precision.

This is the only trumpet we make that has a wire inside the bell rim for a more focused sound.

From MAW Valves:

What would happen if you combined the best aspects of both pistons and rotors in one valve?

  • Pistons have a direct stroke and a great feel in the hand. There is no change of motion in any type of linkage system, and maintenance is quite simple.
  • Rotors have extremely uniform windways inside. They are great for all types of music, including legato passages, and valved notes tend to play as well as open tones.

Building upon these great characteristics, the MAW Valve goes one step further. Many prior pistons, compromised by manufacturing irregularities (bumps) in the windways, are inherently distortive. Bumps alter sound waves. To avoid this, the MAW Valve opens the middle windway to create a smooth rotor-like passage. Both of the windways above and below this middle passage are now smooth and round inside the MAW Valve.

The geometry of the patented MAW Valve advances the playing characteristics of a horn. With the MAW Valve, sound waves traveling through the instrument are less disrupted. Playing is easier. There is a fuller sound with less effort. Notes tend to be more stable with increased clarity. The MAW valve combines the best qualities of pistons and rotors.

Advantages of the MAW Valve

  • Improves note stability, legato passages, staccato attacks
  • Increases clarity
  • Makes playing easier
  • Centers notes with precision
  • Allows you to produce more sound with less effort
  • Patented in the United States (US Patent 8227677) (corresponding international patents pending)


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