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Taylor Chicago II Custom Trumpet - Used


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Taylor Chicago II Custom Trumpet - Used, being sold on consignment, no case. Includes 3 Custom Taylor Mouthpieces.

From Taylor:
This is the big boy of the Chicago range. Massive big, dark sound. Capable of tremendous volume and extreme subtlety as well. Blow it hard and the sound just gets bigger and bigger, never really introducing much cut. It just gets louder and louder. There is no shut off point either. It will just keep increasing in volume till you physically can’t give it any more air.

But it also has a softer side. This is probably the main reason for the Chicago Customs popularity with Jazz soloists. A warmth of sound at lower volumes that other trumpets so rarely possess. The ability to taper off the volume to little more than a whisper without loosing control. The way you can change the tonal colours within the same musical phrase. This makes it one of the most expressive and lyrical trumpets you could ever play.

Chicago Custom

Bore L (.470")
Valves Stainless steel
Valve case Knuckles All nickel
Bell Diameter 133-135mm (nominal)
Bell Material Yellow brass 
Bell Thickness Heavy gauge (annealed)
Leadpipe Machined one piece
Cap Set Heavyweight
Tuning Slides Extra Thick tube
Construction Unstressed
Bracing Custom fitted plates

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