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AR Resonance - Classica C - Like New


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AR Resonance - Classica “C” #054
Additional Bronze MTS
Additional Nickle and Bronze Trim Kit (light weight)
MLC 42 Bronze Top threaded to AR C 42 M G4 backbore (integral)
AR C 42 9 G4 - threaded backbore
AR C 42 10 G2 - threaded backbore


Nice, easy AND in tune?

A extremely ringing nickel bell with a classically looking valve block (still the trusted MAW kind that we love so much), a much lighter machined one piece leadpipe with a thinner integral threaded receiver.

Now available with optional bronze tuning slide, braces, rings, water keys and trim kit.

If you think the C model doesn't look like a typical C, you are right!

Leadpipe is different, the throat is different, the bell is much shorter, the tuning slide is so much closer to the bell... to be honest it should be called a scaled down Bb horn: doesn't feel weird like most C trumpets, doesn't require any strange alternate fingerings, doesn't need to be approached as a different horn if you already know how to play a Bb trumpet.
Still, it plays so nice, resonant throughout the entire range, insanely stable and... it's a light horn, just 970 grams for the C and exactly 1000 grams for the Bb, a lot less than a Bach or a Yamaha!

These trumpets (in Bb, C and Eb) are designed to fit in a trumpet section, articulate in a clearer way, have a super fast response, and, most of all, really address intonation issues present in so many mass-produced instruments

Based on a nickel bell that offers an incredible level of stability and accuracy. They sit perfectly in a trumpet section but they make such a demanding job a lot easier.

Forget alternate fingerings or deaf notes, they just play how every trumpet should.