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Edwards K22GHT / D4 Trumpet - Used


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Brand: Edwards

Model: K22GHT / D4

Year: N/A

Key: Bb

Bore: ML .459"

Finish: Gold Plate Body and Bell. Silver Plate Leadpipe.

Case: No

From Edwards:

  • K Bell
    Medium Large Throat (4 7/8" Flare)
  • Gold Brass
    80% Copper / 20% Zinc
  • 22 Gauge - Standard weight (.025" thick)
  • Heat Treated - Heat treating a bell is a softening process. This bell is treated in specific areas that will encourage more overtones with projection. Heat treated bells "slot" slightly less than a tempered bell and create higher overtones at louder volumes.
  • D4 Leadpipe - Large - less resistance than D3, 0.351" Venturi
  • 22 Gauge - Standard weight (.025" thick)

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