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Jupiter JTR-1010 w/ Tuneable Dizzy Bell


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Brand: Jupiter

Model: JTR-1010

Year: N/A

Key: Bb

Finish: Silver Plate

Bore: ML .460"

Case: No

Now is your chance to own a wonderful Jupiter made, Dizzy Gillespie style, "up turned" bell Bb trumpet at a great price! The Jupiter JTR-1010 is built in a tuneable bell configuration and comes with two distinct bells. The upturned "Dizzy" style bell is silver plated and has a bright sound reminiscent of the Bach 43 bell. The standard bell, in polished raw brass, has a warmer and broader sound that is most similar to a Bach 72. This is a very responsive and easy to play trumpet and at the price, a hard deal to beat! You get two distinct Bb trumpet sounds for the price of one! Used, no case.


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