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Kalison Mini Trumpet - #16 Restored


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Kalison Mini Trumpet - #16 Restored
No Case, Original Mouthpiece
Berp #3 Valve Oil

This instrument is about half the size of a standard B-flat trumpet. Compared with the half-size trumpet by H. N. White Mini Liberty, this instrument is of simpler design, having no valve slides and an unusual valve construction with screw alignment.
Originally Riboni & Benicchio, Battista Benicchio (1891-1953) became the director of the Milanese firm in 1928. During and after the Second World War the firm specialized in a successful line of children's instruments which included not only this trumpet but also a trombone, saxophone, and metal clarinet, marketing it as "Orchestrina Kalison." After Battista's death, his son Angelo adopted Kalison as the firm name; granddaughter Michela continued the enterprise until 2005.