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1898 Besson Brevete - Bb/ A


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Brand: Besson

Model: Brevete 

Year: 1898

Key: Bb

Bore: MLP .462"

Finish: Silver Plate

Case: No

A beautiful, Josh Landress restored, 1898 Besson Brevete with a quick change rotor from the key of Bb to A. This trumpet is in 100% original condition (original bright silver plate, original valves, stunning and clear engravings). Set up in the classic Besson "Rapuano" configuration, this is the 3rd oldest/ earliest modern trumpet that we are aware of, the forefather of ALL modern trumpets!!! This horn has a lush and resonate sound that inspired both Vincent Bach and Elden Benge make their own line of trumpets. Truly a ground breaking instrument. Used, no case.

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