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1940 York Air-Flow Trumpet


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Brand: York

Model: Air-Flow Trumpet

Year: 1940

Key: Bb

Bore: L .468"

Finish: 50% original lacquer. 50% raw brass.

Case: Yes - Original York Case & Mouthpiece

"For the streamlined player, as powerful as a church organ and as modern as a skyscraper!" We couldn't agree more!

From the history files: York ends up making these from about 1938 until they sell the company in 1940. Serial numbers found on existing instruments range from 120319 to 124155. Owners of these instruments say that they are the best sounding that York ever made and some think they have the best sound of any maker. They have a 4.5” bell, a 0.468” bore, and the trumpet is 18.5” long. There is only a slight difference between the cornet and trumpet with the trumpet being 0.75” longer and having an angled brace from bell to receiver where the cornet has a straight brace. The other unique feature of these is the rolled edge of the bell is inside rather than outside as shown on the design drawing. This gives it the look of a rimless bell. Used w/ Original York Case.

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