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1954 Benge 3X MLP - Burbank Era, Valve Job!


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Brand: Benge

Model: 3X MLP

Condition: Used, Very good

Year: 1954

Key: Bb

Bore: .462"

Bell Size/Material: 4.65" Yellow brass

Finish: Raw brass

Case: No

Oil: Yamaha Light

Used 1954 (Burbank-era) Benge 3X MLP in raw brass, very good condition. This Burbank Benge just back from getting a valve job, so the valves and compression are like new! We also cleaned it and aligned the valves, plus we replaced the leadpipe and 2nd slide crook and did some dent work. We brought it to a beautiful high polish, and except for some pitting on the 1st valve casing, this horn looks much younger than its actual age. The MLP bore gives you plenty of room to blow, and the horn has a dark flexible sound that's easy to control. This would be at home in any jazz or commercial situation - ballads with a bigger mouthpiece, or a fat lead sound with something smaller. No case.