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2022 Van Laar B5 - Gorgeous All-Arounder!


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Brand: Van Laar

Model: B5

Condition: Used, Very good 

Year: 2022

Key: Bb

Bore: .461"

Bell Size/Material: 4 7/8" Yellow brass

Finish: Brushed Lacquer

Case: No

Oil: Yamaha Regular

Used 2022 Van Laar B5 in brushed lacquer, very good condition. We gave this fairly recent Van Laar a professional cleaning and we did a precision valve alignment on it. There are a few imperfections we'd like to note: The horn has a wider vertical wrap than many other Van Laar models, giving it a warm sound. The bell is a Bach 43-style taper, making it a great match for any playing situation, with a rich and dark sound in the middle register and an easy-to-color upper register that can brighten up when pushed. The valves are fantastic and compression is excellent. The red brass leadpipe adds even more warmth to the sound. There are a few small spots on the bell and one on the first valve casing where the lacquer came off. There is also an extremely small (barely perceptible) ping in the bell near the rim, when we left alone so as not to damage the lacquer finish. No case.



The B5 is also of standard-weight material. Its bell with a more conical taper allows for greater sound projection and imparts a somewhat dark and warm sound. In the upper register the timbre is brilliant and voluminous without sounding strident.

  • ML bore: 11.7 mm (0.461″)
  • Standard weight valve casing
  • One-piece hand-hammered bell
  • Bell material: yellow brass or gold brass
  • Bell diameter: 122 mm (4.807″)
  • FINISH - Brush Lacquered with clear lacquered accents