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AR Resonance Feroce


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Brand: AR Resonance

Model: Feroce

Year: 2018

Key: Bb

Bore: ML .460"

Finish: Nickel Silver

Case: No

Custom made for internationally renowned musician, composer and bandleader, Marquis Hill! Based on a one piece solid Nickel Silver bell with a tight flare, this horn can produce a very focused and incredibly piercing sound. This is the perfect commercial horn for soaring over a big band, or matching with the Marshall stacks in your rock band. Making and bending this bell is a challenge very few makers ever attempt and for a good reason - solid Nickel Silver is HARD! But the reward is immense: a remarkably stable yet nimble horn, with precision and quick response. This trumpet is in like new condition and is ready to play! Used, being sold on consignment.