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Callet Jazz - Bb Trumpet


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Brand: Callet

Model: Jazz

Year: 2001

Key: Bb

Bore: Step Bore - Stamped ".470" on Valve Block

Finish: Silver Plate

Case: Yes

Used, includes 2 main tuning slides.

From Callet: The most renowned and popular of Jerry's trumpets until the advent of the SIMA, the Jazz has been used in jazz, rock, latin, and classical ensembles around the world. It's easily identified by large script "Jazz" on the left side of the bell. Utilizing an exclusive "expandabore" design, the reverse leadpipe started with a .353 bore at the end of the receiver then gradually expanded to .450 at the beginning of the tuning slide and continued to .460 at the tapered tuning crook. The gradual expansion continued around the curve of the tuning slide to its final size of .470 entering the 3rd piston. This true conical bore responds like a small bore trumpet while retaining the volume and projection for which Callet trumpets are famous. The initial Jazz bell was a Benge clone but with a larger throat for more power. Jerry custom shaped it to increase the solid core and focus of the sound while pulling each tone into excellent pitch center in all registers, even the top, top end. The conical cornet-styled bore provides a warmer and darker sound than the Soloist that preceded it.

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