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Martin Bohme Tumultus-LL - New


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Brand: Martin Bohme

Model: Tumultus-LL

Condition: New

Year: 2024

Key: Bb

Bore: .460

Bell Size/Material: 4 7/8" Yellow brass

Finish: Lacquer

Case: No

Oil: La Tromba T3


Signature Model Lorenzo Ludemann

Looking for a commercial horn specialized in section playing? Together with Lorenzo Ludemann we made this new Signature Tumultus. Big sound with an enormous punch in the middle range and this hot sizzle for the high range! This one is fitting in and shows off!

The Tumultus is the heaviest Böhme trumpet. With this specially designed reversed lead pipe, you have an extra free-flow effect and instant feedback while playing trough the ranges. Awesome slotting and an exact intonation – that’s a Tumultus!

Technical details

  • heavy weight reversed lead pipe with a heavyweight receiver
  • light weight caps with light weight finger buttons
  • copper tuning slide with a traditional water key
  • special resonance ring for mouthpiece receiver
  • no rubber rings on 1st and 3rd slide
  • yellow brass bell: 125mm
  • MAW-valves, bore 11,7mm
  • weight: circa 1150g
  • (standard configuration without finger button inlays)