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Schilke P5-4MA "Maurice Andre" Piccolo Trumpet - New


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Brand: Schilke

Model: P5-4MA "Maurice Andre"

Condition: New

Year: 2023

Key: Bb / A

Bore: .450"

Bell Size/Material: 4" Copper bell

Finish: Silver

Case: Yes

Oil: Yamaha Super Light

Brand new Schilke P5-4MA "Maurice Andre" Piccolo Trumpet. Comes with Schilke case and mouthpiece.


Piccolo Trumpets

A Reference Standard in the Industry

Our line of piccolo trumpets continue to be industry leaders in design and sound. Initially designed in the early 1970’s, the P5-4 tone and unique design is the reference standard piccolo worldwide. The P5-4BG and P5-4MA are an extension of the original design and offer a few more options to further enhance that perfect performance.

MA 4th Slide Option

The “MA” Option allows for a removable 4th valve slide and includes a shorter slide which lowers the pitch a whole tone when the 4th valve is depressed. The “MA” option also comes standard with a 3rd slide ring.