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Yamaha YTR-9635 E/Eb Trumpet - Demo


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Brand: Yamaha

Model: YTR-9635 

Condition: STORE DEMO

Year: 2023

Key: E / Eb

Bore: .459”

Bell Size/Material: 4 7/8” Yellow brass

Finish: Silver

Case: Yes, Yamaha hard case

Oil: Yamaha Light

This Yamaha 9635 comes with slides for E and Eb, making it great for concertos by Hummel, Haydn, Berlioz and others. It plays very evenly in all registers and responds well at all dynamics with easy articulation. The heavy bell helps give the 9635 a big, full sound. Comes with Yamaha hard case and a Yamaha 14B4 mouthpiece. 

Yamaha high-pitched trumpets feature brilliant tone with crisp clear attacks and excellent control in the high register. Though originally used primarily for Baroque music, they are increasingly used by solo and orchestral players for security with difficult high passages as well as for the clarity and lyrical qualities of their sound. The 9635 features a heavyweight bell for the rich full sound of a big trumpet, yet with easy control in high registers. It comes with two bells and sets of slides to convert it to either E or Eb which makes it especially suitable for both Hummel and Haydn concertos.

Level Custom Specialty Keyed Trumpet
Key of Eb / E
Bore ML: 0.459"
Bell Diameter 4 7/8"
Leadpipe Gold Brass
Body Material Yellow Brass
Bell Material Yellow Brass; One-Piece
Weight Heavy
Key Buttons Mother of Pearl
Finish Silver
Pistons/ Valves Monel (3)
Mouthpiece 14B4
Features Interchangeable Eb and E bells; 1st and 3rd valve slides for E