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Yamaha YTR-9636 Eb/D Trumpet - New


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Brand: Yamaha 

Model: YTR-9636

Condition: New

Year: 2023

Key: Eb/D

Bore: .459"

Bell Size/Material: 4 7/8" Yellow brass

Finish: Silver

Case: Yes, Yamaha hard case

Oil: Yamaha Super Light

Brand new Yamaha YTR-9636 Custom Eb/D Trumpet in silver. Comes with Yamaha hard case.

The YTR-9636 has a rich and attractive tone and is widely used in both solo and orchestral performance due to its natural ability to shift from C. It has a newly designed leadpipe with a unique shape. Transitioning between D and Eb involves changing the main tuning slide and first and third valve slides rather than by changing the bell.