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daCarbo Toni Maier Model - New


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The daCarbo Signature "Toni Maier“ was developed especially for the star trumpeter Toni Maier.

Brand: daCarbo

Model: Toni Maier

Condition: New

Year: 2020

Key: Bb

Bore: ML .459

Bell Size/Material: 5.5" Carbon fiber

Finish: Matte black with lacquer slides and leadpipe, carbon fiber bell

Case: Yes, daCarbo-branded Gard double case

Brand new daCarbo Toni Maier model in matte black with lacquered slides and leadpipe and carbon fiber bell. The huge 5.5" detachable bell gives a broad sound and very open blow with excellent acoustic feedback to the player, and the heavyweight valve block provides plenty of stability at all dynamics. It was developed for Austrian trumpet legend Toni Maier. Comes with daCarbo-branded Gard double case.

Brilliance, Immediacy and Flexibility

As with all daCarbo-trumpets, the „Toni Maier“ model has an incredible response. The extraordinary large bell enables a powerful projection in the upper registers as well as in the lower ones. The low resistance airflow makes the medium large bore feel like a large bore, which enhances the sound and control for the trumpet player. The warmth and brilliance of the daCarbo sound leaves nothing to be desired.

• Exchangeable lead pipe, tuning slide and bell
• Heavy weight valve section
• Carbon fiber bell with a diameter of 139 mm (5.47”)!
• First class piston valves
• available in charcoal black matt combined with gold lacquer or with custom surface finish

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