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daCarbo Unica - New


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Brand: daCarbo

Model: Unica

Condition: New

Year: 2024

Key: Bb

Bore: ML .459

Bell Size/Material: 5" Carbon fiber

Finish: Lacquer with Carbon Fiber bell

Case: Yes, daCarbo-branded Gard single gigbag

Brand new daCarbo Unica in lacquer with detachable carbon fiber bell. The carbon fiber bell gives this horn a lot of tonal flexibility, and it's also dent-proof and isn't affected by ambient temperature, which helps prevent tuning issues in cold or hot environments. Response and articulation are fantastic. Comes with daCarbo-branded Gard single gigbag.

Very direct response, warm tone. As with the daCarbo Vario, the daCarbo Unica supports a full and warm rounded tone across its entire range. Due to the surprisingly effortless response it plays very directly. The components of the Unica correspond to the most desired combination of the Vario, although, the components are not exchangeable. The daCarbo Unica Bb-trumpet is based on the ML bore of the daCarbo Vario and the carbon fibre bell with the brass rim has a diameter of 128 mm (5.04''). It is detachable for maintenance.The standard surface finish is glossy clear lacquer. First class piston valves, ML bore. 

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