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1926 NY Bach 4


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Brand: Bach

Model: 4

Year: 1926

Key: Bb

Bore: M .453"

Finish: Raw Brass

Case: No

This is a 1926 Bach 4 in a lacquered finish.  It is in absolutely beautiful condition.  This instrument is from 1926 and was built at 237 E. 41st Street, right here in New York City.  The valves have been redone at one point and compression is fantastic with some thin oil.  All the valves have matching serial numbers.  The leadpipe is a replica that was fabricated here in the shop.  It is an exact copy of Bach #183 that we also have here which has a #4 leadpipe.  The 4 pipe is slightly more resistant than the 6 pipe, and was designed for smaller bore instruments.  The bell is a 4 bell, and is quite broad and is similar to a 6 bell but a bit tighter.  We hand cut new finger button pearls.  It is a medium bore instrument and measures in at .453". This is an extreamly efficient instrument, and has a lot of highs in the sound.  Truly an outstanding example of early Bach construction and is both a player, and a collector piece.  Serial number is 199.

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