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1939 NY Bach Model 6iv - Bones Malone Collection


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Brand: Bach

Model: 6iv

Year: 1939

Key: Bb

Bore: .485"

Finish: Lacquer

Case: Yes, Hard Case.

From the Personal Collection of Tom "Bones" Malone, a 1939 vintage Bach 6iv Tenor Trombone in beautiful condition!

Thomas  “Bones” Malone is a dear friend of the shop and most famous for being a member of The Blues Brothers Band, Saturday Night Live Band, and a member of the CBS Orchestra, the house band for the Late Show with David Letterman. 

From the Bach Loyalist: Medium Bore slide (0.485″) with a medium bore bell. There were actually 7 variations on the model 6. These variants were different combinations of tuning slide, tuning slide tubes, and the bell size. These were labeled as follows on the bell: 6, 6II, 6III, 6IV (More Common), 6IV/V, 6VI, 6VII (More Common).

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