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1948 Olds Super Cornet - Amazing Condition


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Brand: F.E. Olds

Model: Super Cornet

Year: 1948 - Los Angeles, CA era.

Key: Bb

Bore: L .468"

Finish: Lacquer

Case: Yes, MTS Case.

Oil: Yamaha Regular

Outstanding condition with a complete restoration in clear lacquer by Kanstul (including valve rebuild) .
Adapter for traditional cornet shank mouthpiece

From the Olds Loyalist:
Streamlined for power and beauty, the Super
Cornet is a custom-crafted instrument that presents
the ultimate in Olds construction. There's
beauty in its streamlined form and bracing
and easier handling, too; the smooth action is
effortless, fast and dependable, while that famed
tone control band around the bell insures power
without blasting. Special nickel alloy is used
throughout all contact points, the valves are
nickel silver. Finest intonation, unlimited flexibility,
ease of blowing and rich, resonant tone
make the Super Cornet another example of
peerless Olds workmanship.