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1976 Olds Recording

Brand: Olds

Model: Recording

Condition: Used, very good

Year: 1976

Key: Bb

Bore: .460"

Bell Size/Material: 4 3/4" Copper

Finish: Lacquer

Case: Yes, original case

Oil: Yamaha Vintage

Used 1976 Olds Recording in lacquer, very good condition. This Olds Recording may look a little different than you'd expect... At some point in its life, the owner decided to replace the classic offset valve block with another valve block that has normal in-line valves. We gave it a cleaning and alignment, plus we did some minor dent work and other very minor repairs, and we are very pleased with how it came out. It plays with a warm and vibrant sound, and it will suit players who like a little resistance to blow against. Comes with original case and original valve block.