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Berp Classic for Trumpet

This buzz extension tool helps you keep your chops in shape when you can't be on your horn. It adds resistance to your mouthpiece to mimic the feel of playing the instrument. This is the trumpet model.


A limited edition of the first berp design called the “classic” for some hard core fans who have been asking for the original for many years. 

When I made the design change in 1999-2000 it was with some reluctance that I switched to recycled delrin as the basic material instead of brass. After all, we are brass players. However the design changes I made have so improved the function, and lowered the cost that in retrospect it was a no-brainer.

The Classic functions very well when you cannot have your instrument to “berp” on, and you are satisfied with the resistance it provides. It looks great, and some say gets a better buzz sound than the present design. If you are a trumpet or horn player I suggest you buy one of each and never leave home without your Berp.