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Brand: Del Quadro

Model: Proseus

Year: 2019

Key: Bb

Bore: ML - .459"

Finish: Polished Raw Brass

Case: No

A beautiful, like new, shop DEMO Del Quadro Proseus Bb Trumpet from our great friend and trumpet builder, Mike Del Quadro! This trumpet has just had a full ultrasonic cleaning, precision valve alignment, and is ready to go! We think the Proseus is a great addition to the already stellar line up of Del Quadro Trumpets! The yellow brass bell has a beautiful and focused sound that reminds us of the classic Bach 37* (lightweight specifically), Getzen Severinsen, and French Besson bells that came before it. The leadpipe is balanced perfectly to provide the player the perfect amount of resistance and flexibility. Demo, No Case, included are 2 MTS with Traditional H20 Key in Yellow Brass and Nickel Silver.

From Del Quadro Trumepts:
The Proseus is designed to be a commercial lead instrument although depending on the player it is well suited for many other settings. The sound is bright and focused. The Proseus is the only instrument currently in our inventory that uses a yellow brass bell. Yellow brass delivers a more cutting sound. Ideal for soaring right over the top of a big band, salsa group, or any typical setting where you need more of a loud cutting sound with less “low end” in the tone color.

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