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Edwards K22GHT / D4 Trumpet - Price Lowered!


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Brand: Edwards

Model: K22GHT / D4

Year: N/A

Key: Bb

Bore: ML .459"

Finish: Gold Plate Body and Bell. Silver Plate Leadpipe.

Case: No

A lightly used Edwards K22GHT / D4 Custom trumpet in beautiful gold plate. Edwards trumpets have been know for their wonderful valves, ease of response, and beautiful sound. Now is you chance to own a modular trumpet that you can truly morph into your personal dream horn. With an easy to use modular bell and leadpipe system, the options are endless to customize this trumpet to your own personal specifications. Used, no case.

From Edwards:

  • K Bell
    Medium Large Throat (4 7/8" Flare)
  • Gold Brass
    80% Copper / 20% Zinc
  • 22 Gauge - Standard weight (.025" thick)
  • Heat Treated - Heat treating a bell is a softening process. This bell is treated in specific areas that will encourage more overtones with projection. Heat treated bells "slot" slightly less than a tempered bell and create higher overtones at louder volumes.
  • D4 Leadpipe - Large - less resistance than D3, 0.351" Venturi
  • 22 Gauge - Standard weight (.025" thick)

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