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Giddings Mouthpieces - Boreas (Large Bore)

Boreas Large Bore

Giddings mouthpieces has the largest selection of mouthpieces available, using harder and more resistant stainless than others.  Our mouthpieces project better with clarity and ease like you have never experienced.  We make out mouthpieces to exacting standards using CNC lathes, and robotics along with unmatched craftsmanship and designs. 

The Boreas is similar in size to a Bach 5G, but with a more open backbore and throat. Designed to project a thicker sound than the Euros.  The Boreas produces a full, rich, and expansive sound. Easy to facilitate lip slurs, articulation, with fat tone and easy projection. The larger back bore allows for the huge dynamic contrast that many players need.

Rim 1.008 and the throat is .283 in diameter, deep funnel shape cup. In Greek mythology, Boreas is the god who personifies the north wind, and is pictured as bearded and powerful.