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Greg Black Mouthpieces - New York 7 Symphony Series Tenor Trombone Mouthpieces

Sizing: New York 7.25 - Regular

Price:  $ 239.00 
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Sizing: New York 7.5 - Light

Price:  $ 239.00 
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Over the years, many of our customers that play our 5G Symphony Tenor Mouthpieces have requested this inner diameter in our New York Series that features a thicker, more rounded, cushion style rim combined with the slightly tighter #1 backbore.
These specifications will no longer have to be ordered as a custom option! For the first time since their conception, we have decided to expand the original New York Series, now offering the New York 7, 7.25, 7.5, 7.75, 8, and New York 7AL as stock models. For our Alto trombone players we have matched the New York 7 rim with a C style cup creating the New York 4A model. 

New York 7 - 25.8mm, 1.016”  Cup Depth: Medium/‘GS’ Style, Excellent for soloing.

New York 7.25 - 25.8mm, 1.016”  Cup Depth: Medium +, depth between 7 & 7.5

New York 7.5 - 25.8mm, 1.016”  Cup Depth: Medium Deep/‘5G’ Style, Ideal for Principal.

New York 7.75 - 25.8mm, 1.016”  Cup Depth: Medium Deep +, depth between 7.5 & 8

New York 8 - 25.8mm, 1.016” Cup Depth: Deep/‘4G’ style, Perfect for 2nd.

Please Note: Standard bore size on above models is .281”, ‘K’ (7.13mm)


New York Series Trombone mouthpieces are available in three weights: Light, Regular and Medium.

Alternative shanks are also available and can be selected with the ‘Shank Option ’ drop down box.
Medium Tenor (Small Shank) ie Bach 36
Medium Shank (European Taper) ie Willson Euphonium 
Remington ie Vintage CONN 88H.

If a different shank is selected, the bore size and backbore will be adjusted accordingly for the right balance.