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JLB Limited "Gambler Series" — #3 "Wild Card" Single Mouthpiece Pouch by Gard

JLB Limited "Gambler Series" — #3 "Wild Card" Single Mouthpiece Pouch by Gard

Real leather outside with soft synthetic lining, keeps your mouthpieces safe! 

-Velcro patch to easily fit inside of any gigbag or case.

-EST-1-LDEK - Single Trumpet Pouch in Red, Black, and White Leather with Black Embossed logo.

We couldn’t think of a better collaboration for this first drop of the “JLB Limited” product line, than with our friends over at Gard Bags. All-in-all we have four unique products to share with you all! But first the inspiration for the design...

For this first drop we wanted something different, something bold. After looking across the wide array of lights, colors, and images you'll find anywhere from Las Vegas to Atlantic City we knew we had found the perfect starting point with the simple, yet striking colors in a 52 deck of cards.

Each item from “The Gambler” series will include a playing card signifying the position sold within the series, as well as to serve as authentication for each product.

Ex. The 3rd “Broadway” case sold will come with a card signifying that it’s 3/12 in the lineup.

Once these are sold out, they are gone forever. In other words the product design will be “retired” and will no longer be available from ANY retailer at ANY time.