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Kalison Mini Trumpet - Half-Size Wonder!


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Brand: Kalison

Model: Mini

Condition: Used, Excellent 

Year: N/A

Key: Bb

Finish: Lacquer

Case: No

Oil: Berp 3

Used Kalison Mini trumpet restored to excellent condition. This instrument is about half the size of a standard B-flat trumpet. Compared with the half-size trumpet by H. N. White Mini Liberty, this instrument is of simpler design, having no valve slides and an unusual valve construction with screw alignment. No case, comes with original mouthpiece.


Originally Riboni & Benicchio, Battista Benicchio (1891-1953) became the director of the Milanese firm in 1928. During and after the Second World War the firm specialized in a successful line of children's instruments which included not only this trumpet but also a trombone, saxophone, and metal clarinet, marketing it as "Orchestrina Kalison." After Battista's death, his son Angelo adopted Kalison as the firm name; granddaughter Michela continued the enterprise until 2005.